Monday, 16 May 2011

Clockless Experiment

I am about to embark on an experiment on how time affects me and my making, and it's influence on my self and my body.

I often feel that the time-keeps which surround me have a stronger hold on me than I would like.  I always set an alarm although I wake before it most days, I rush and worry about what time it is, am aware of the clock even when I cannot see one.  I want to see what my life would be like if I stripped conscious time from it.

I intend to spend one week (Monday to Friday) with time keeping implements and one week (monday to Friday) without. I will record my feelings and experiences in a journal fashion daily, and also against a series of more tangible criteria such as work achieved etc.

During the with-time week I will keep a note of when I check the clock, the actions I use clocks for (catching trains etc, alarms), how I use it in regard to my making and my general living.

During the time-less week I will remove as far as possible any connection with time keeping devices (clocks, watches etc) and turn of the clock functions on my phone and computer etc. I will not be using an alarm clock or anything similar.  I will rise when I wake, eat when hungry, work as feels natural etc.

I will be tweeting about my experiences, using the hashtag #clockless and blogging about my experiences here, tagged clockless.

I will measure somewhat tangible things like work done, emotions etc to try to see what difference the week I spend without time has to a normal week.  I will also try to discover as much as possible about other peoples time experiences and experiments, so if you know of anything please let me know.

I am doing this Monday to Friday as I often have markets stalls at the weekends and must be there at certain times (a useful side of clocks?)
My partner will have to set his alarm to make sure he gets up for work.  However I usually wake before him (and his alarm) so I am not concerned about this disturbing things.

With-time week:  6th-10th June
Clockless week: 13th-17th June

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