Tuesday, 12 February 2013

We Weave loom

We Weave loom
Open for working in to 
at Camberwell College of Arts library 
until Thursday 21st February
This loom offers the option of participation, giving an opportunity for experience, exchange and dialogue through (possibly) “affective labour”, and creating in the process a sculpture – a fabric or material artifact - (the first made on this loom), recording the participants choices, movement and involvement. 

I have made this loom as an open piece in order to create a group sculpture.  Visitors are invited to thread a needle and have a go, weave in lines, blocks or shapes, knot, bind or stitch in to the warp.  I have provided some materials but anything can be added to it.  I have left a disposable camera there for participants to record their weaves (if they would like to).  I am hoping to take this loom elsewhere after this initial project and create a series of group works from it.

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