Saturday, 4 October 2014

Mending Dialogue with Tom of Holland

My good friend Tom and I are embarking on a project together. We met through our common interest in mending and have decided to translate our verbal dialogue into a physical (re)making dialogue. 
Tom had 2 old tea towels, well used and with a historical significance to his life. (Read more about  that here). 
We decided that one should be mended for practical use, and one impractically, each of us starting with one of the tea towels and posting them between us. As we are both busy with various projects we have set no time limit on ourselves, allowing the project to develop naturally at its own pace. 

This very much is in line with my interests in temporal appropriateness, I believe slowness in design or craft making not to mean that everything should take a long time but that it should take an appropriate amount of time, be that the task or the time-space for it in ones life. Reading about sustainism recently have a similar view. The authors refer to 'proportionality' - giving appropriate proportion to tasks and practices. I am going to attempt to form a proportional relationship with this project !

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