Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Ulla Von Brandenburg


I went to see Ulla Von Brandenburg's work (pictured) at the Pilar Corrias yesterday.  Based on old railroad quilts these super-sized details were both beautiful and inspiring.  
Quilts were often made from old work clothes and other well worn clothing, nothing went to waste when it didn't need to.  
I saw another quilt exhibition at the PMA about 18 months ago, again hugely inspiring.  The Gees Bend quilts appealed to me both for the care and time taken to make them, the irregularities where different fabrics met and off-geometric shapes that resulted and also in that so little material was binned.  Spent clothing became quilt panels or innards.  This lack of waste and full use of existing materials is something that is not always thought of, however some designer-makers are pushing their work as far in that direction as possible (and many include green thought processes in their work).  
Bespoke quilter Katherine May said 'what is the point of me selling this very considered product if I just wrap it in plastic which will just get thrown away - I wanted to lessen the landfill not add to it! So at the moment I am thinking of ways that packaging can be reused.'  This is a train of thought that leads down an interesting path - in my mind it starts with Japanese furoshiki (cloth gift wrap) which can be reused afterward the gift is opened.

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  1. Hi B,

    Tell Katherine to send it to me and I can upcycle it. Upcycling plastic is what my doctorate is all about!