Thursday, 31 March 2011

Creative (and decorative) Mending

Picture owned by Karen Barbe

This is a nice post about mending on Karen Barbe's blog
As someone who has done a lot of mending I really felt inspired by this post about mending, along with its instructions.  Mending, renewing and embellishing (particularly to upcycle) is something that I talk about a lot, and think about more.  I find myself having a mending binge every few months, sewing on buttons and patches, the very occasional bit of darning, and mending rips etc.   I like the look of something that has been mended.  In a way I feel it highlights the life that piece of clothing has had; every piece of furniture should tell a story as the saying goes!  I have bought clothing and cloth from charity shops before that has clearly been mended and recently I have started printing on these darns etc to highlight the mend further.  I like the work of artist Susan Collis whose work such as Better Days uses the idea of a mark on cloth as a starting point for something beautiful and unusual. 

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