Monday, 23 May 2011

Favourite Tools!

 Dstel's most used tools - coffee, cake, scalpel, cutting mat, chisels, desk, pen and lino... in no particular order!
Coffee & cake = essentials, cutting mat - borrowed, chisels - a gift, pen and lino - bought.
Favourite - lino
Most used - lino
Is a desk a tool?

I would like to make a collection of images and statements of your favourite or most used tools (or both).  Please either comment here, tweet me @bhmakes with the hashtag #mostusedtools or email me on and give me an image and a few words about the tools or tools in question - favourite or most used, how often you use them, what for, where did they come from or anything else you want to tell me!

Thank you



  1. My favorite tool is the hammer that my dad gave me as part of a tool box full of tools when I moved into my first apartment. I believe it belonged to my grandpa before that. When I was a kid, my dad worked hard with his hands and oftentimes, the hammer was in it! My most used tool would be my chrome plated Mundial scissors. They are a memento from my first fashion design job. Those scissors have seen many yards of fabric through their blades over the years and continue to serve me well!

  2. Hello, just saw this on twitter. I was only thinking last night how my most favourite tool is also probably the cheapest one I own - my paper piercer. I bought it for putting brads through scrapbook paper, but it gets used for so much more too - making button holes in fimo buttons, unpicking stitching, moving tiny embellishments around, and scratching errant glue off fiddly details, amongst other things! x

  3. My most used tools are my hands! None of my projects could begin or end without them. I can email you a picture later, if you like, lol.