Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How old is my wardrobe?

A question I have often asked myself is how old are the clothes I am wearing?  I am a chronic wearer-outer of things, to paraphrase one of my best friends, I wear things that other people would consider dusters!  I am not often phased by holes or patches, by the marks and stains that could condem my clothes as unwearable.  Then I saw this blog post where the clothes are classed as newer (0-1.5 years), medium (1.6-3.5years) and old (older than 3.6 years) and I started to think harder about it.

At this moment I am wearing clothes, all of which were bought new - this is unusual for me - a skirt which is about 3 years old, which has a removable dungaree style top to it.  A vet and teeshirt bought last summer and a pair leggings from about 2 years ago.  The cardigan I shall wear later was once a jumper belonging to my partner, I have had it about 2 years and he had it when I met him so it is at least 5 years old, full of holes and ladders but much loved.  The shoes I will wear are only from May this year, however I have worn the almost every day - does this make them a 'better' purchase than some of my other items?

I am going to go through my wardrobe and age it properly, and maybe summarise it by use as well - the age of our wardrobes is an interesting concept especially in the age of fast fashion and, conflictingly, the drive for emotionally durable design, slow fashion and zero waste systems. 
I love the skirt I am wearing for its style and versatility - it is made by Howies who are known for their well thought out designs - and feel this is part of the key to our (Slower) consumption in the future...

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