Monday, 21 June 2010

Slow Textiles, Degree Show

This image is of my degree show.  It is on at Chelsea College of Art and Design, Pimlico, London until Saturday 26th June.

I created my final pieces by hand, while applying my Slow Design theory (some of which I posted about here) to my work to ensure that it was both environmentally sound as a final product and also as a series of processes and material choices.  Wood is not a material generally associated with textiles however when I thought about the materials I wanted to work with and the results I wanted to achieve it seemed to be the most appropriate.  The resulting rug is threaded and can be reshaped to fit any space, entirely biodegradable and the wood used is offcuts from a timber yard.  Wood is a durable and tactile material, it has a warmth which is pleasant underfoot.  I printed some of the pieces using non-toxic inks and they are threaded on a 100% cotton rope.  I feel that working in a Slow manner enables me to make sound choices and feel confident that the decisions I make are the most appropriate for my work at the time.

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