Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Snail Mail Project

This month I am participating in Creative Collective's snail mail project.  I have signed up for a swap to send an exciting creative and/or handmade project to 3 other people in the post this week.

Yesterday I posted this picture on their facebook page as a tibbit of what I might send to my swapsters:

I am thinking that it would be nice to send a combination of made things and things to make with.  

I love getting nice stuff in the post and my excitement about this project was heightened yesterday when I went to the post office to get a parcel that I had not been expecting; needless to say its contents were DULL and I was disappointed.  So I am now extra-super excited about the parcels I may receive in the coming weeks and am hoping that the people getting mine are excited too.

Slow mail = exciting mail for once!

1 comment:

  1. ooo there will be some lucky mail art recipients out there! :) I totally agree--it's the best to receive fun mail in the mail box. I'm a little bummed that I missed the deadline to sign up, but that's what I get for putting it off! Ah well, I'm sure it'll be a fun exchange, enjoy!