Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Clockless, week 2, day 2

Yesterday was a busy and surreal day - I had loads of little jobs to do and errands to run.  A short sandwich break coincided with me missing a friends visit to my studio - and a nod towards the time:  He was popping in to see someone else there, and had said he would be there about 4pm - so when I was told I had missed him I knew it must be a bit after 4. 
The other thing I noticed yesterday is that I have quite a good idea of those I see most's schedules:  I know my partner leaves for work around 8am, I know another person in my studio leaves about 3pm, and another about 5pm and so on.

However the idea of working when I want and eating when hungry etc still stands, and I still haven't checked the time, reset my phone or anything like that.  And I feel more relaxed this week and more productive than I usually do.  This evening I am meeting a friend - my partner is getting home a bit before I meet her so I shall take that as my cue to go out but I shall have to see how the "am I late yet" worry transpires without a clock to constantly check.

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