Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wondersite Exhibition at the Japanese Embassy


The group show that I am part of opens at the Japanese Embassy, Piccadilly, London (Green Park station) today.  It includes responses from 10 artists to a shared trip & residency to Tokyo for the month of March this year.  My work is pictured below responds to a fireman's helmet and gloves I saw at the Folk Craft Museum in Tokyo, and also to the use of double stitches which I encountered a lot.  The uniform was actually quilted cloth, hence the marks on the helmet I have made referencing the stitching on the original.  I was very interested by the knotting and other thread/rope/textile based ideas I saw there, both in a historic context and everyday.  Also in the use of dyes, colour and pattern.  The smaller blue arm piece references a pattern used in the wood work of a window, the larger arm piece looks at the bamboo fencing I saw in a lot of places.

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