Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Slow and Me

When I work in my studio or at my desk at home I am constantly worried about not doing enough.  What is enough?  Yet, when I am away from my working stations I cannot stop thinking about my work, and frequently when I am at my desk I find myself in the same position.  I will be working on one thing but quite possibly thinking about another.  Where does this lead?  It means I have a small panic every time I don't have my notebook and pen to hand, it also means I often question my focus.  However it also means I process my thoughts, often repeatedly over much time and during different occasions/experiences.  This in itself is interesting as I wonder what effect the different surroundings I find myself in have on the repetitive thought processes I go through.

Am I rubbing my belly while patting my head?
The question remains - what is enough?


In terms of how I understand Slow and in how it affects me  and my practice I find that without this constant thought and regurgitation/rethinking of ideas I stumble.  If I don't think through something enough I don't find it easy to do/make - and I don't necessary mean physically, I need some kind of spiritual comprehension of what I want from my making/doing to be able to produce anything of any merit (be that merit as felt by me or others).

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