Sunday, 18 October 2015

I am exhibiting in RE-Reanimate, Repair, Meld & Mend

Blue Necklace, 2012

I am showing Blue Necklace in this small exhibition at the Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool. It features the work of artists who are concerned with the re-use and reanimation of existent (often devalued or discarded) cultural material.

Blue Necklace is made from 800 hand cut, coloured and polished beads made from reclaimed or re-animated maple wood. My AHRC funded doctoral research is focused on the practice of repairing and making, and this work demonstrates a different cycle of repair – material re-use as environmental repair - and continues redefining the assumed aesthetics of the recycled and examining the impact of personal actions in the greater scheme of sustainability.

My research aims to define repair as a bridge between creativity and practicality, as crossing boundaries and as a methodology with which to actively explore sustainability, identity and community. Exploring the multidimensional area of repair through (re)making, investigating materials, joining methods and object narratives, I am making and collecting a series of objects, techniques and experiences, investigating the potential for visible repair as part of an expanded studio practice.

Re- Reanimate, Repair, Meld & Mend is showing at Bluecoat Display Centre from 10 October – 14 November 2015.

Artists include Michael Brennand-Wood, Neil Brownsword, David Clarke, Robert Dawson, Bouke de Vries, Steve Dixon, Amy Douglas, Jenni Dutton, Matthew Harris, Bridget Harvey, Charlotte Hodes, Gitte Jungersen, Carol McNicoll, Livia Marin, Irene Nordli, Caroline Slotte, Linda Sormin, Hans Stofer & Jacy Wall. The exhibition is curated by Paul Scott.

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