Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Shock City: Resilience and the Anthropocene

Today Year of Resilience (#YoR) launches at CCW with a 2 day event, Shock City: Resilience and the Anthropocene, exploring resilience.

More information here:

Over lunch today there will be a presentation running about The Department of Repair, and the relationship between repair and resilience.  You can watch it here, but theres a small excerpt below:

By taking a conscious anti-consumption stance, stemming from human and object malaise, The Department of Repair created a collaborative form of activism by legibly displaying subtle symbols of personal politics.

Deliberately visible repairing acts as placard and encouragement, protesting obsolescence and connecting people to people, to objects and to capabilities.

The Department of Repair demonstrated that choosing to repair makes material, personal and social resilience.

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