Monday, 28 March 2011

The Time-Eating Clock – a story of invention

 The celebrated time-eating Chronophage clock, designed by Dr John Taylor OBE, will go on display at the Science Museum from Monday 18 April, in The Time-Eating Clock – a story of invention.  It will be displayed alongside an original Harrison clock in an installation designed to give insight into the mind of one of today’s most creative and successful inventors.  Walking atop the 1.5 metre golden face is a large kinetic sculpture of a mythical beast. The creature, an integral part of the mechanics of the clock, appears to devour time -the name Chronophage literally means Time-Eater from the Greek: Chronos (Time) and Phago (I eat). The hour is tolled by the sound of a chain clanking into a small wooden coffin concealed in the back of the clock to remind us that our time on earth is limited.  
(taken from the science museum website, see link)

This sounds so exciting.  Admittedly I am a bit of a time-geek but still!

Guardian article
BBC article

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